Final Blog post

Finally the end of the semester is here.After finals have been finished, I now have to create this blogpost.The week has bee busy, however, this time I was able to create more animations than before.For the first animation  I did an experiment with low lighting, that is often used in horror films and Film Noir.Originally red in German Expressionist films during the 1920’s, low light creates an ominous aesthetic, along creating elongated shadows, and loneliness.Although,this was just a light test I put the Cosmic Dog(originally the Dog from Mars) in a situation where he is lost and no his own.The shot is is a point of view shot of a  creature coming towards the Cosmic Dog and  the camera zooms in to insinuate  that he has been destroyed, but has met an unknown fate.

Horror film/Film Noir lighting excersise from Zach Hurd on Vimeo.

For the second animation, I  dived deeper into the realm of lighting and experimented with mixing cool and warm lighting in the same scene.Once again, we see the Cosmic Dog, however,he is speaking to someone off camera, as if he is telling a secret that should not be heard.This particular animation, took a long time to shoot , just to get the lighting right,wich was very important to the animation. Fortunately, the scene looks as though he near a warm comforting fire, while on his left while on his right there is a looming danger.

Warm and Cool lighting Excersise from Zach Hurd on Vimeo.

With 3rd animation, I came to the conclusion to focus of creature character acting.In animation, an animator must be able to capture  life than can emote warm emotions.However, they must also be able to animate something that looks believable but yet unsettling as well.So as a result,I intended to create a hybrid between an spider and slug.This was taken into consideration because the creature would slither like a slug, but when killed it would curl up like a spider.

To kill a spider slug from Zach Hurd on Vimeo.

When creating the fourth animation, I looked back to my snake animation that I previously had animated.I believe that originally, the snake animation was too fast, therefore it needed to be remade.So when I created the fourth animation I strived to slow down the animation of the snake and actually create the bending of the body while the snake slithered.

Snake animation remade from Zach Hurd on Vimeo.

Finally for the last and final animation, I had the idea of animating a flying ghost on a black back ground. Interestedly enough, this animation was the only 2d animation, that was ever created out every animation created on this blog.Unfortunately, like many 2d animations on a flat  plane the animation kept falling on of the background,Also,  because there was not a valid stand for the camera,  my finger can be seen faintly in the frame because I holding the camera and animating sat the same time.

Ghost Animation from Zach Hurd on Vimeo.


Blogpost 5-4-17

There is is much that can be said. Finals week has made it extremely difficult to create work for the  for the creative habit assignment.That said, I was able to create animation using the alien dog.

dog_from_mars from Zach Hurd on Vimeo.

I can honestly say that this assignment, is acting as a horn in my side.The animation process is enjoyable but, making content everyday, is a pain.The upside is that we do not have a final, but this assignment, has become simply a side project.On a more positive note, the point of this animation was to try out different types of lighting to create an ominous look/feeling.Also, I intended to make the dog act as a different character, which I believe was successful.


For the past week doing these animation became more and more difficult.The other work obligations  and these random animations have almost stretched me thin.Nevertheless, it comes with the occupation of being an animator,herefore I pushed onward to create ,no matter the challenges. Creating an idea can be very difficult in a short amount of time,howeverm I have discovered that when I simply start  molding something out of clay the characters just seem to come to life.Bluetooth Photo

I began  simply with a cube of blue clay and a cube of green clay, then I simply began molding it.As aI molded the clay I thought to myself,” So this piece is going to be thread,and this piece is going to be the body.”Next decided to give the head a 1970’s disco afro,and then gave it ears which  made it resemble and animal.So I naturally get the animal a muzzle and a pair of eyes, with a black dot for the nose.Third,I gave him arms and and legs so he could interact with the world around him. Originally his legs were going to be longer but the weight of the clay, made the legs simply into feet.However I kept noticing that he kept falling over, so I took one of the ometer that I made and used it as a skeleton ,but the spine ometer was too long.Since I was stretched for for time, I decide to give the animal a tale, and then gave him a collar, so now he was a dog.


Random Animation4 from Zach Hurd on Vimeo.

For this animation having created a dog,I decided to take a toy 1962 Volkswagen Classic Bus, and have him ride on top of it.This was a test animation for the dog’s personality, because the dog has a free spirit.The character of the dog was based upon a  person who doesn’t have care in the world, and plays by his own rules.Hopefully his personality will not get him into trouble in the future.

Random Animation 5 from Zach Hurd on Vimeo.

In this animation however, he comes across a familiar bowler hat.So being curious, he walks over to the hat and tries to pick it up so he can put it on.Ironically,he is stopped with a quite hit to the head, by the BowlerHat Man who pushes the bowl hat away and puts it on .The name might not be all that original but, it gives me temporary name to use until I can think of a good name for the guy.The Bowler Hat Man is the man that was seen in previous animations. Interestedly, enough this meeting was simply a matter of chance, I had simply put these two together and watched what happened. Apparently the BowlerHat man wasn’t too fond of other people touching his belongings.Only time will tell, if anything will come of these two.

Animation blog post

For this  assignment, I finally decided to undertake the tedious task of doing stop motion for one hour a day.This is a way of practicing animation, and building up a portfolio for so I can  be ready to go into the animation industry.After about days of  doing this, it is evident that creativity is possible in small bits of time.The first animation that I did, it was some what difficult to come up with an idea.So out of desperate I resorted to tak messing with character.

Zach Hurd Random daily animation 3-13-14 from Zach Hurd on Vimeo.

For the second animation, I decided to push the envelope, a bit.Instead of the innocent hi jinx, our main character is instead chased by a pair of scissors,leading him to trip over his own feet and fall.This decision was made because of lack of inspiration at the time, which  lead to a  my mischievous sense of humor coming into play.While sitting there trying to come up with  new animation, I thought it would be funny to see what would happen if he were to be chased by a pair of scissors. To my surprise it became rather humor to watch play out in front of me.However,while I was animating the scene, he fell over, which fit perfectly with the animation so, I decided to just go with it and keep it in.Then for laughs, I took a scream sound effect and dubbed over it to make the animation more dramatic,which  made it even funnier.Each time I watch the animation,

Second_animation from Zach Hurd on Vimeo.

The animation that I did was an animation of a snake slithering through the grass.At first,I was trying to create a spider, to animate, but it was taking too long, to create.Because,I had other projects to work on,I split the difference and animated a snake  instead. The concept behind this concept was simplistic,which is very important in animation.As an animator, I find that sometimes, I struggle with overcomplicating the process of animation ,which for those who do it , understand that it is complicated by nature. That being said, I was  suffering from fatigue, that day, and a snake seemed to be the best fit.However, in the future, I plan to push  myself further, that with my animations.

Blog Post 4-13-17

For the next project, I plan to either do  a short stop-motion a day or draw comics a day.It has gotten to where I can’t decide which I want to do.For this reason, my  blog post has run short.Only time will tell, what will come off this.wallace_and_gromit

Nevertheless, stop-motion  has become a major passion of mine, because it is already exists, and yet creates unique life.

Final blog Post

Let’s just say that this project has been crazy.For lack of time, I will keep this short.We made a karate film that was plagued with problems, but we finally finished it.I can not begin to tell how relieved I am to finally be finished.Today we are showing the film, to be honest, everything that needs to be said is in the film itself, therefore, this blog post would be rambling.

Blog Post 3-30-2017


Well,here we are, only 1 week from the deadline.It seems only so long ago since we started.We have come so far and yet there is still much to do.For those, reading  this, this a  picture of the stair case on one of our filming locations. It marks as a metaphor for our film production process, which like stairs  act as obstacles to get to a goal, with so little time get there.That being said, we are almost finished filming and editing our film.I am really excited to see everyone’s reactions, and finally breathe the sigh of relief that we have finished the film on time, and with the utmost quality.However, this process has taught me a lot about planning, and how  to take risks.

For the past few weeks, we pushed forward to get as much done as possible, which wasn’t easy.With it being Spring Break, some people went out of state while others had to work, which made filming very difficult due to scheduling.If that didn’t create enough chaos, the weather refused to cooperate every time we began to film, we would have to cancel  filming.Thankfully we were able to get the filming done for the second scene. Having endured these problems,I can only imagine the stress that Steven Spielberg was under while filming Jaws.

Yesterday, after these issues, we went to film the final scene of the film, we were taken to a desolate and almost abandoned parking lot not too far  along Broad Street.As I began to look at the buildings, they were cracked, ragged as if they had been cut with a cheese grater.Then on one of the buildings, there was a flight of stairs that with, tape that read,”CAUTION”,which probably meant that they were dangerous to climb.From that point on, I realized that we were no longer  on the  nice and furnished streets of down town.That said, the location worked extremely well of our setting.

site of deathHowever, there was one site that really caught my attention.Underneath the covering of one of the buildings there  laid a glass sign that had been busted.This sign not only appeared to be broken , but assaulted, as if it  had been it with massive force.Next to the sign was a pile of glass shards, placed intricately, like a collection you would see at tourist attractions.It was quite a sight to beset,however, there what really made the setting unnerving,was the placement of a blanket next to the collection of glass and the broken sign.That meant that some had obviously been there, and with a smell that that  attacked the nostrils.From that point I wondered,”What have we gotten ourselves into?”

Nevertheless,with all of this in mind we began shooting the final scene and were, able to get the key  dialogue  scenes filmed.As a result, we thought we would finish the scene,but little did we know that trouble was just around the corner.Once we had everything filmed, I was informed that the footage that we had shot for the last half of the scene was unusable.Therefore, we will have reshoot tomorrow, and with the deadline approaching like a bullet train, we have no time too waste.Luckily, we have devised a schedule to help  guide us through these trying last few days.Within the Schedule below shows our plans for the upcoming week.PipelineSchedule