The Menagerie Edit

fruit-version-6Based upon the inspiration that I found at the Library, I decided to incorporate a color scheme filled with muted colors.This was done specifically to contrast with the instruments, that are leaning up against the crate.Therefore it is important to remember that is this also a color study, of trying  master the art of using color to obtain contrast, with out the colors clashing.As an artist is easy to slip into the trap of simply slapping colors into a composition, nonchalantly ,without giving it any thought.

Consequently, the instruments have remained unchanged.This for the purpose of figuring out if the composition works before making any changes to the instruments.Based upon my compositional choice, the eye is directed straight to the  banjo orange, then to the eggplant mandolin and then the avocado guitar.This way the composition of the instruments forms a triangle.However this is contrasted with the parallel vertical and horizontal lines seen along the vertical plane, and the diagonal and straight lines on the floor.


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