Inspiration for the light source(Minagorie)



Here is the inspiration for the light source used in the composition.As you can see the reference photo, contains a mandolin sitting up against a wall with a light source to the right.However, this  photo was taken directly by my parents, at home.The mandolin seen above was hand carved and made by my grand father with his own two hands, therefore the image was not taken from google images or any outside sources.This is also what inspired the entire piece to begin with.My grandfather is an artist  and musician in  a world of his own.At the age of 75 he continuously plays Bluegrass, and makes mandolins by hand.

That said this gives us an idea of the light source’s direction will be .However, we must remember that although the light source is to the right, it is directly shining down on the mandolin,which is not exactly like the light used in the piece. Further more the the mandolin is facing straight forward and not tilted,therefore, this is a  light direction reference, nothing more and nothing less.


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