Managorie Edited version 3


This time  worked the instruments, and added detail to give them more depth.Additionally I change the guitar into a clarinet, shrunk the size of the mandolin and adjusted the banjo’s size.Originally, the mandolin and the clarinet appeared to be the came size, which was throwing off the composition.So much  fine tuning was needed to make the instrument stand out in contrast.Otherwise it would be difficult to tell the difference between the banjo and the mandoline.

Specifically  give the image more depth, I turned the box to an angle,  and added shadow to convey the illusion of depth.Because of the inspiration mentioned before in the last post, the space was envisioned to be flat, much like the pieces of modern art.In this case,although the box is turned, it recedes into the wall, due to  the perspective which flattens out the  image.This allows the piece to retain modern influence  used in  modern art , while adding perspective.

Now in for the shadows  I  adjusted the light source by placing it to the right.There are many contrast s in shadow directions, with the mandolin’s shadow and the clarinet shadow pointing to the left.However the box shadow is pointing down to follow the perspective that has been established.That said, the banjo’s shadow remains small and submissive to the increase light in the foreground.Therefore, the shadows add to the contrast of the instruments to avoid an confusion  between them.




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