Final version of the Menagorie



So it is finally here.The final version.It has been a long and winding road to get to this point.This piece  piece itself has a sense of irony, that much is true.The reason why, it is ironic, is because it was born out of a thought that for once brought me joy.Originally I had wanted to create a painting that would pay homage to my grandfather, capture the joy of music.All my life I have been surrounded by music, and it has guided me along the way, and brought me joy.My grand father is an avid musician of Bluegrass music, and a craftsman himself.He created many mandolins with simple carving tools, wood and furnishing,and yet he still leads a simple life as  never having chased the dream of becoming a Bluegrass legend.Therefore,I feel as though some recognition was needed.However,inspite of being created to capture joy, this piece has brought me to feelings of  suffering and relief.

As seen in the  image above, the subject matter  very juxtapose. It contains a mandolin painted to resemble an eggplants guitar painted to resemble , an avocado, and a banjo painted to resemble and orange.The  why these objects were chosen, is mainly due to my memories of Bluegrass, and a humorous circumstance of watching Courage the cowardly Dog.


As shown above Courage the Cowardly Dog s wearing an eggplant suit, which soars that created the idea of using fruit.  During brainstorming process,I had originally had the the idea of creating a Bluegrass, that mush was known. However, there need to be something that added a light hearted touch, and the  thought of a mandolin that looked like an eggplant, seemed to be that touch.For those who have seen the show,Courage the Cowardly Dog, it may be  dark, but it has humorous moments.This is significant because, at the time I was watching the episode where Courage dresses up in an  eggplant suit and is plying a game of Simon says with a an army of eggplants.Therefore, with the  idea of a mandolin being and eggplant, I simply could only make the other instruments fruit.


Here is the original concept art for the piece.As you can see the  instruments are standing straight up with a blank back ground.

Considering the composition, the piece is flat.This was intentional due influences of Modern Art.kandinsky005

The painting shown above is Autum Landscape,by Kandinsky, that was painted in 1908,and this was significant to the color palette, and the flatness of the piece.For years, artists made art as if they were looking through window.Once Modern Art was created the canvas was treated as a plane, creating a flat look.fruit-version-4After finding  Kandinsky’s Autumn Landscape with Boats, I directly implanted the color palette.However  the box was originally too flat.So I needed to turn the box a it and add shadows to create some perspective. It  can also be noticed that none of the instruments have strings.This is due to the the concept being that the instruments were meant to look like they had come off the assembly line.Eventually this ideas was scrapped ,even though this idea can be seen  in action on the banjo.


In the case of the composition, and the instruments themselves , were were many inspirations.img002

The guitar on the right ,was the reference for the avocado guitar show in the painting.This type of guitar was chosen due to the nature of the avocado its self.Therefore the leg center piece on the guitar, made mad this guitar the obvious choice.img005

Additionally,for the composition, this advertisement for guitars, played role in influence.This advertisement and be found in the book Guitars:History of the Music Makers by Nepoleon Coste. To elaborate, the influence was not  made directly on the arrange of the instruments, the the way they are leaning.This can specifically be seen   in the case of the guitar and the mandolin.Other than the orientation of the guitar and the mandolin, the  similarities between the current image and  my piece are coincidental.Nevertheless,it the similarities, are logical, due the nature of both images.


For the mandolin its self, and  lighting, original source material was used.The mandolin shown directly above, is the mandolin that was hand craft by my grand father, and was handed down as an inheritance. In spite of shape, this image was used mainly as a lighting reference, and reference for string placement.This way, I was able to more accurately depict the behavior if the strings   on the mandolin.It can also be noted that the carving in the face of the mandolin also acted  directly as a reference to the carving on the eggplant mandolin.



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