The Pipeline Assignment begins

Today was very hectic so say the least.It was so hectic that simply stating that I have my work cut for me Ould be an understatement.So some of you may be wondering, why today was so hectic?Ironically today was hectic because I just found out my role for this project, and that role is the Production Manager.As expected, the Production manager deals with the administration work that most would shy away from, either because it is too intimidating or flat to boring. However, inspire  of this  the  production manager, must keep everything together, and on schedule.

That being said,I this is the reason why I claim that today was hectic.Within our project there  was a metaphorical cavalcade of creativity and humor.Many ideas were thrown around like chili being at a chili festivale,and everyone was extremely excited to contribute.Normally,I would be jumping for joy because, usually I am the person who is creating ideas.However, in this case I had to think about how on earth we  were going to implement these ideas, and what could stand in our way doing so.So instead, I spent the majority of the time away from the group considering the what ifs and the why nots.

Therefore, my task at hand is to  follow the schedule given, slash create the schedule and make sure that everything goes smoothly.However, know how art behaves, something will  go wrong, which why  we must be prepared for it.I have determined that art is struggling ,still turning out something amazing, and still managing to not go insane. Preemptively, I look forward to seeing what these talented artists are capable of ,and  hopefully avoiding  a train wreck.




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