Blog Entry March 9


From the look of things, our team seems to be on schedule.We were able to finish the first draft of the script and get a feeling for the choreography.It may seem off topic, however, I was away from the group due other business matters.These business matters were Sophomore Review, which  deluded my time and focus to its greatest degree.My reaction to the review, was indeed  a punch in the gut, which took much time to recover from.For this reason, it was such a relief to see the first  draft of the choreography, and the script.

That being said, as a group we have much ahead of us, in our pursuit  of creating such an ambitious task.However, with everyone’s co-operation, I am more than confident that we can create a film that will entertain, and  amaze.Therefore, we must  not falter, and relentlessly push froward towards our goal.



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