Blog Post 3-30-2017


Well,here we are, only 1 week from the deadline.It seems only so long ago since we started.We have come so far and yet there is still much to do.For those, reading  this, this a  picture of the stair case on one of our filming locations. It marks as a metaphor for our film production process, which like stairs  act as obstacles to get to a goal, with so little time get there.That being said, we are almost finished filming and editing our film.I am really excited to see everyone’s reactions, and finally breathe the sigh of relief that we have finished the film on time, and with the utmost quality.However, this process has taught me a lot about planning, and how  to take risks.

For the past few weeks, we pushed forward to get as much done as possible, which wasn’t easy.With it being Spring Break, some people went out of state while others had to work, which made filming very difficult due to scheduling.If that didn’t create enough chaos, the weather refused to cooperate every time we began to film, we would have to cancel  filming.Thankfully we were able to get the filming done for the second scene. Having endured these problems,I can only imagine the stress that Steven Spielberg was under while filming Jaws.

Yesterday, after these issues, we went to film the final scene of the film, we were taken to a desolate and almost abandoned parking lot not too far  along Broad Street.As I began to look at the buildings, they were cracked, ragged as if they had been cut with a cheese grater.Then on one of the buildings, there was a flight of stairs that with, tape that read,”CAUTION”,which probably meant that they were dangerous to climb.From that point on, I realized that we were no longer  on the  nice and furnished streets of down town.That said, the location worked extremely well of our setting.

site of deathHowever, there was one site that really caught my attention.Underneath the covering of one of the buildings there  laid a glass sign that had been busted.This sign not only appeared to be broken , but assaulted, as if it  had been it with massive force.Next to the sign was a pile of glass shards, placed intricately, like a collection you would see at tourist attractions.It was quite a sight to beset,however, there what really made the setting unnerving,was the placement of a blanket next to the collection of glass and the broken sign.That meant that some had obviously been there, and with a smell that that  attacked the nostrils.From that point I wondered,”What have we gotten ourselves into?”

Nevertheless,with all of this in mind we began shooting the final scene and were, able to get the key  dialogue  scenes filmed.As a result, we thought we would finish the scene,but little did we know that trouble was just around the corner.Once we had everything filmed, I was informed that the footage that we had shot for the last half of the scene was unusable.Therefore, we will have reshoot tomorrow, and with the deadline approaching like a bullet train, we have no time too waste.Luckily, we have devised a schedule to help  guide us through these trying last few days.Within the Schedule below shows our plans for the upcoming week.PipelineSchedule





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