Animation blog post

For this  assignment, I finally decided to undertake the tedious task of doing stop motion for one hour a day.This is a way of practicing animation, and building up a portfolio for so I can  be ready to go into the animation industry.After about days of  doing this, it is evident that creativity is possible in small bits of time.The first animation that I did, it was some what difficult to come up with an idea.So out of desperate I resorted to tak messing with character.

Zach Hurd Random daily animation 3-13-14 from Zach Hurd on Vimeo.

For the second animation, I decided to push the envelope, a bit.Instead of the innocent hi jinx, our main character is instead chased by a pair of scissors,leading him to trip over his own feet and fall.This decision was made because of lack of inspiration at the time, which  lead to a  my mischievous sense of humor coming into play.While sitting there trying to come up with  new animation, I thought it would be funny to see what would happen if he were to be chased by a pair of scissors. To my surprise it became rather humor to watch play out in front of me.However,while I was animating the scene, he fell over, which fit perfectly with the animation so, I decided to just go with it and keep it in.Then for laughs, I took a scream sound effect and dubbed over it to make the animation more dramatic,which  made it even funnier.Each time I watch the animation,

Second_animation from Zach Hurd on Vimeo.

The animation that I did was an animation of a snake slithering through the grass.At first,I was trying to create a spider, to animate, but it was taking too long, to create.Because,I had other projects to work on,I split the difference and animated a snake  instead. The concept behind this concept was simplistic,which is very important in animation.As an animator, I find that sometimes, I struggle with overcomplicating the process of animation ,which for those who do it , understand that it is complicated by nature. That being said, I was  suffering from fatigue, that day, and a snake seemed to be the best fit.However, in the future, I plan to push  myself further, that with my animations.


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