For the past week doing these animation became more and more difficult.The other work obligations  and these random animations have almost stretched me thin.Nevertheless, it comes with the occupation of being an animator,herefore I pushed onward to create ,no matter the challenges. Creating an idea can be very difficult in a short amount of time,howeverm I have discovered that when I simply start  molding something out of clay the characters just seem to come to life.Bluetooth Photo

I began  simply with a cube of blue clay and a cube of green clay, then I simply began molding it.As aI molded the clay I thought to myself,” So this piece is going to be thread,and this piece is going to be the body.”Next decided to give the head a 1970’s disco afro,and then gave it ears which  made it resemble and animal.So I naturally get the animal a muzzle and a pair of eyes, with a black dot for the nose.Third,I gave him arms and and legs so he could interact with the world around him. Originally his legs were going to be longer but the weight of the clay, made the legs simply into feet.However I kept noticing that he kept falling over, so I took one of the ometer that I made and used it as a skeleton ,but the spine ometer was too long.Since I was stretched for for time, I decide to give the animal a tale, and then gave him a collar, so now he was a dog.


Random Animation4 from Zach Hurd on Vimeo.

For this animation having created a dog,I decided to take a toy 1962 Volkswagen Classic Bus, and have him ride on top of it.This was a test animation for the dog’s personality, because the dog has a free spirit.The character of the dog was based upon a  person who doesn’t have care in the world, and plays by his own rules.Hopefully his personality will not get him into trouble in the future.

Random Animation 5 from Zach Hurd on Vimeo.

In this animation however, he comes across a familiar bowler hat.So being curious, he walks over to the hat and tries to pick it up so he can put it on.Ironically,he is stopped with a quite hit to the head, by the BowlerHat Man who pushes the bowl hat away and puts it on .The name might not be all that original but, it gives me temporary name to use until I can think of a good name for the guy.The Bowler Hat Man is the man that was seen in previous animations. Interestedly, enough this meeting was simply a matter of chance, I had simply put these two together and watched what happened. Apparently the BowlerHat man wasn’t too fond of other people touching his belongings.Only time will tell, if anything will come of these two.


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