Final Blog post

Finally the end of the semester is here.After finals have been finished, I now have to create this blogpost.The week has bee busy, however, this time I was able to create more animations than before.For the first animation  I did an experiment with low lighting, that is often used in horror films and Film Noir.Originally red in German Expressionist films during the 1920’s, low light creates an ominous aesthetic, along creating elongated shadows, and loneliness.Although,this was just a light test I put the Cosmic Dog(originally the Dog from Mars) in a situation where he is lost and no his own.The shot is is a point of view shot of a  creature coming towards the Cosmic Dog and  the camera zooms in to insinuate  that he has been destroyed, but has met an unknown fate.

Horror film/Film Noir lighting excersise from Zach Hurd on Vimeo.

For the second animation, I  dived deeper into the realm of lighting and experimented with mixing cool and warm lighting in the same scene.Once again, we see the Cosmic Dog, however,he is speaking to someone off camera, as if he is telling a secret that should not be heard.This particular animation, took a long time to shoot , just to get the lighting right,wich was very important to the animation. Fortunately, the scene looks as though he near a warm comforting fire, while on his left while on his right there is a looming danger.

Warm and Cool lighting Excersise from Zach Hurd on Vimeo.

With 3rd animation, I came to the conclusion to focus of creature character acting.In animation, an animator must be able to capture  life than can emote warm emotions.However, they must also be able to animate something that looks believable but yet unsettling as well.So as a result,I intended to create a hybrid between an spider and slug.This was taken into consideration because the creature would slither like a slug, but when killed it would curl up like a spider.

To kill a spider slug from Zach Hurd on Vimeo.

When creating the fourth animation, I looked back to my snake animation that I previously had animated.I believe that originally, the snake animation was too fast, therefore it needed to be remade.So when I created the fourth animation I strived to slow down the animation of the snake and actually create the bending of the body while the snake slithered.

Snake animation remade from Zach Hurd on Vimeo.

Finally for the last and final animation, I had the idea of animating a flying ghost on a black back ground. Interestedly enough, this animation was the only 2d animation, that was ever created out every animation created on this blog.Unfortunately, like many 2d animations on a flat  plane the animation kept falling on of the background,Also,  because there was not a valid stand for the camera,  my finger can be seen faintly in the frame because I holding the camera and animating sat the same time.

Ghost Animation from Zach Hurd on Vimeo.


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