Blog post3-16-17

Honestly there is much to say, so this post will be on the shorty side.We spent an entire day shooting, and we discovered that we need to down size.Unfortunately we had to cut some of our actors and create a new assignment.Today we will continue to shoot footage for the film, and work out the choreography.The actors were furious, but it was for the best, that we removed  one of the scenes and its out some of the actors.Nevertheless, we have so much to do and so little time.For this reason, I am glad that we are going on to Spring Break,and eager to get as much doneMouse post as possible.


Blog Entry March 9


From the look of things, our team seems to be on schedule.We were able to finish the first draft of the script and get a feeling for the choreography.It may seem off topic, however, I was away from the group due other business matters.These business matters were Sophomore Review, which  deluded my time and focus to its greatest degree.My reaction to the review, was indeed  a punch in the gut, which took much time to recover from.For this reason, it was such a relief to see the first  draft of the choreography, and the script.

That being said, as a group we have much ahead of us, in our pursuit  of creating such an ambitious task.However, with everyone’s co-operation, I am more than confident that we can create a film that will entertain, and  amaze.Therefore, we must  not falter, and relentlessly push froward towards our goal.


The Pipeline Assignment begins

Today was very hectic so say the least.It was so hectic that simply stating that I have my work cut for me Ould be an understatement.So some of you may be wondering, why today was so hectic?Ironically today was hectic because I just found out my role for this project, and that role is the Production Manager.As expected, the Production manager deals with the administration work that most would shy away from, either because it is too intimidating or flat to boring. However, inspire  of this  the  production manager, must keep everything together, and on schedule.

That being said,I this is the reason why I claim that today was hectic.Within our project there  was a metaphorical cavalcade of creativity and humor.Many ideas were thrown around like chili being at a chili festivale,and everyone was extremely excited to contribute.Normally,I would be jumping for joy because, usually I am the person who is creating ideas.However, in this case I had to think about how on earth we  were going to implement these ideas, and what could stand in our way doing so.So instead, I spent the majority of the time away from the group considering the what ifs and the why nots.

Therefore, my task at hand is to  follow the schedule given, slash create the schedule and make sure that everything goes smoothly.However, know how art behaves, something will  go wrong, which why  we must be prepared for it.I have determined that art is struggling ,still turning out something amazing, and still managing to not go insane. Preemptively, I look forward to seeing what these talented artists are capable of ,and  hopefully avoiding  a train wreck.



Pipeline Proposal


Today, our proposal is a short stop motion film, about a murderous stuffed bunny, named Malori. Naturally you would assume that being a stuffed animal that she would be a cute and cuddly character.Unfortunately, that could what she could  only dream of being.Although she takes the form of being a stuffed animal, she is cursed with a continuous sporadic rage and blood lust. She constantly fights this by trying to find a home and lead normal life, only to murder those she loves.Only time will tell if she can finally control this impulse, and lead a happy normal life.


The director will be Zach Hurd, the Head of Art Direction will be Christabel,thehead of Editorial will be Danny and the production Manager will be Emily. These roles are subject to change.





Final version of the Menagorie



So it is finally here.The final version.It has been a long and winding road to get to this point.This piece  piece itself has a sense of irony, that much is true.The reason why, it is ironic, is because it was born out of a thought that for once brought me joy.Originally I had wanted to create a painting that would pay homage to my grandfather, capture the joy of music.All my life I have been surrounded by music, and it has guided me along the way, and brought me joy.My grand father is an avid musician of Bluegrass music, and a craftsman himself.He created many mandolins with simple carving tools, wood and furnishing,and yet he still leads a simple life as  never having chased the dream of becoming a Bluegrass legend.Therefore,I feel as though some recognition was needed.However,inspite of being created to capture joy, this piece has brought me to feelings of  suffering and relief.

As seen in the  image above, the subject matter  very juxtapose. It contains a mandolin painted to resemble an eggplants guitar painted to resemble , an avocado, and a banjo painted to resemble and orange.The  why these objects were chosen, is mainly due to my memories of Bluegrass, and a humorous circumstance of watching Courage the cowardly Dog.


As shown above Courage the Cowardly Dog s wearing an eggplant suit, which soars that created the idea of using fruit.  During brainstorming process,I had originally had the the idea of creating a Bluegrass, that mush was known. However, there need to be something that added a light hearted touch, and the  thought of a mandolin that looked like an eggplant, seemed to be that touch.For those who have seen the show,Courage the Cowardly Dog, it may be  dark, but it has humorous moments.This is significant because, at the time I was watching the episode where Courage dresses up in an  eggplant suit and is plying a game of Simon says with a an army of eggplants.Therefore, with the  idea of a mandolin being and eggplant, I simply could only make the other instruments fruit.


Here is the original concept art for the piece.As you can see the  instruments are standing straight up with a blank back ground.

Considering the composition, the piece is flat.This was intentional due influences of Modern Art.kandinsky005

The painting shown above is Autum Landscape,by Kandinsky, that was painted in 1908,and this was significant to the color palette, and the flatness of the piece.For years, artists made art as if they were looking through window.Once Modern Art was created the canvas was treated as a plane, creating a flat look.fruit-version-4After finding  Kandinsky’s Autumn Landscape with Boats, I directly implanted the color palette.However  the box was originally too flat.So I needed to turn the box a it and add shadows to create some perspective. It  can also be noticed that none of the instruments have strings.This is due to the the concept being that the instruments were meant to look like they had come off the assembly line.Eventually this ideas was scrapped ,even though this idea can be seen  in action on the banjo.


In the case of the composition, and the instruments themselves , were were many inspirations.img002

The guitar on the right ,was the reference for the avocado guitar show in the painting.This type of guitar was chosen due to the nature of the avocado its self.Therefore the leg center piece on the guitar, made mad this guitar the obvious choice.img005

Additionally,for the composition, this advertisement for guitars, played role in influence.This advertisement and be found in the book Guitars:History of the Music Makers by Nepoleon Coste. To elaborate, the influence was not  made directly on the arrange of the instruments, the the way they are leaning.This can specifically be seen   in the case of the guitar and the mandolin.Other than the orientation of the guitar and the mandolin, the  similarities between the current image and  my piece are coincidental.Nevertheless,it the similarities, are logical, due the nature of both images.


For the mandolin its self, and  lighting, original source material was used.The mandolin shown directly above, is the mandolin that was hand craft by my grand father, and was handed down as an inheritance. In spite of shape, this image was used mainly as a lighting reference, and reference for string placement.This way, I was able to more accurately depict the behavior if the strings   on the mandolin.It can also be noted that the carving in the face of the mandolin also acted  directly as a reference to the carving on the eggplant mandolin.


Updated Color Palette



The last post can be seen as a learning experience.Over the weekend I was able to continue progress on the price and finally create a working color palette.As shoes above details were added to the guitar, and shading was added to create a richer feel.Additionally shadows were added, to bring the piece together,bring a finished  look.I am constantly being reminded that good art  is never really finished, but eventually abandoned. Therefore, I will continue progressing through the piece to fine tune the assets to insure satisfactory results.

In the case of the color palette, when I put the piece Ito a color palette summarizer, there was a description that included beer,cinnimon,and other rich, foods.When I read the description, I was quite surprised.



Color Palette


This is the color palette made from the painting.It is amazing how difficult it I to create a color palette.I  pursued many avenues to create  a color palette, such as trying to  the create a mosaic in Photoshop.Eventually,I had to adjust the image size zoom in, and take a picture of it on my phone.The reason why this was extremely difficult was due to the problem  of the t palette blurring into blobs of color.Otherwise the image was itself too small to post on this blog.This would act as an explanation to why the image appears to have a strange pattern.Nevertheless, it allows us to see what the color palette for this painting is.